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 Stephen Cooper - The Final Whistle, The Great War in Fifteen Players

Title: The Final Whistle - The Great War in Fifteen Players

Authors: Stephen Cooper

Pages: 288

Size 23.2 x 15.6 x 2.2 cm

RRP 14.99 

ISBN 978-0752479354

THIS IS THE STORY of fifteen men killed in the Great War. All played rugby for one London club; none lived to hear the final whistle.

Rugby brought them together; rugby led the rush to war. They came from Britain and Empire to fight in every theatre and service, among them a poet, playwright and perfumer. 

Some were decorated and died heroically; others fought and fell quietly. Together their stories paint a portrait in miniature of the entire War.

Founded in 1879, when British soldiers fought in Afghanistan as they do today, Rosslyn Park has no Great War memorial. An old press cutting gave numbers - 350 served, 72 died - but no names. So began a quest to rediscover these men and capture their lives, from their vanished Edwardian youth and vigour, to the war they fought and how they died. This is their story.

“Stephen Cooper has written a haunting and beautiful book. Here we see the grinding slaughter and the everyday humanity of men hurled into the abyss of modern warfare at its most terrible. His book tells the story of men from one rugby club but it is a universal narrative of heroism and loss. He writes superbly and has produced a book of commendable scholarship. I cannot recommend it enough."  - Fergal Keane

 “A fresh and fascinating take on the impact of the Great War, with a novel and moving focus” - Ian Hislop

“This is a deeply moving book about the loss of fifteen members of Rosslyn Park Rugby Club during the Great War. A War that scarred Britain and took so many fine men, who had they lived would have enriched this country. The lives of these young men, all so promising, are poignantly and vividly recalled by historian Stephen Cooper.” - Max Arthur

Author’s royalties go to the Rosslyn Park Injury Trust, supporting young sportspeople with life-changing injuries, and Prostate Cancer UK.


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