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 James Corsan - For Poulton and England - The Life and Times of an Edwardian Rugby Hero

Title: For Poulton and England - Life and Times of an Edwardian Rugby Hero

Authors: James Corsan

Publication Date: 2009

Pages: 372

Size: 234mm x 162mm

RRP 15.00

ISBN 9781848762107

Review by Hugh GB Salmon, "Lovereading"

Funny how the world has changed in less than 100 years.

Today, it is likely that we would know every aspect Ronnie Poulton-Palmer's life - his family background, where he went to school, his social life, his relationships, where he played, how he played. He would be all over the media and feted by the paparazzi. He would be sponsored by Banks, deodorants, after-shaves and sports goods companies. Probably, he would have a multi-million pound contract to play rugby in France.

Instead, he scored four tries in his last game for England in 1914 and gave his life for his country in 1915.

Even if you have nor heard of Ronnie Poulton-Palmer, even if you are not particularly keen on Rugby, you should read this book. It evokes a time and a long-lost sense of values and behavioural code - as well as the life of a quite extraordinary man whose story deserves to be told.


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